Competency-based curriculum

GTNI offers a wide-ranging curriculum which is taken over three years. Each semester, students, accompanied by Clinical Instructors, undertake between 135 and 225 hours of clinical practice in approved hospital settings. Students also carry out clinical consolidation each summer to practice their skills. After successful completion of the academic program, students are required to complete a clinical internship for a period of six months in a leading hospital within Egypt.

For Graduation students are expected to complete the total course hours of the internship and pass the exit exam with a score of 70% or more.

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Hours of clinical practice in approved hospital settings.

Credit Hours

GTNI works on a credit hours system. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) begins with NU101 Semester.

  • One (1) hour of classroom instruction/week = 1 course credit
  • Two (2) hours of non-nursing course laboratory hours/per week = 1 course credit
  • Three (3) hours of nursing course clinical laboratory experience/week = 1 course credit