GTNI adopts a holistic student development approach that considers the student's academic, personal and social development through:

  • Assigned academic advisors who embark with the students on their learning journey to help them discover themselves and their strengths aiming to ease their transition into the learning environment.

  • An encouraging learning environment invites students to perceive the challenges they face as opportunities to develop and grow throughout their learning journey.

  • Wellness support aims to nurture the student's sense of belonging and well-being, cultivating their voices and contribution, increasing student engagement, and changing their perspectives towards learning to help them thrive.
  • GTNI Learning Environment GTNI Learning Environment

    Students learn best in an environment that fosters open communication and mutual respect. Such an environment motivates and encourages participation in the educational process. This climate of the academic setting offers opportunities to become more reflective, compassionate, caring and socially responsible. GTNI’ is a diverse and inclusive institution, with students, faculty and staff from different backgrounds and genders who are greatly supported and treated equally.

    GTNI has a student union which provides several services and opportunities for students to establish an environment where they feel comfortable with the transition into the campus life and to gain different life skills such as communication, leadership and time management.